Update | 8. Aug, 2017 - 2 min read

Let's celebrate Friendship with awesome, new illustrations

Friendship day is here! What’s better than honoring it with some amazing art.

At Lake, we thought meticulously over how to shape this beautiful idea of celebrating Friendship into a wonderful sharing experience. We know the value of friends in our lives, therefore to celebrate we decided to create a whole new art pack, where anyone could find a picture to share with friends. For the first time ever, we introduce a new pack with illustrations from different artists!

There is no paywall as we strongly believe a pack dedicated to friends and friendship shouldn’t be valued with money. Instead we went to the roots of Friendship day when people would celebrate it by sending cards to each other. We decided we should create a similar feel that needed to be simple, beautiful and relatable. Sharing the first drawing unlocks the whole Friendship pack. And it’s not limited to Facebook or other social networks, you can send a personal note in an e-mail to your friend if that’s what you feel represents you best.

Come, spread the love and take a short break! The unique drawings by the amazing Lake artists are waiting to be colored.

by Lake

by Elizabeth Olwen

by Åsa Gilland

by Maja Säfström

by Nina Štajner

by Walid Rusdianto

by Nelleke Verhoeff

by Laura Blythman

by Katie Wilson