Update | 16. Oct, 2017 - 5 min read

A spooky Halloween treat for our biggest supporters 👻🎃

Halloween is just around the corner, and guess what? It is already haunting you in Lake! If you dare to look, you’ll be rewarded with some wicked pieces. Our artists have put together a pack of spooktacular drawings, all dedicated to a festive, scary, and fun Halloween. And there’s another important aspect of it. We are devoting this collection to everyone who is making Lake possible!

You, our subscribers, play an important role in Lake’s ongoing development! Without your support we wouldn’t be able to improve Lake, grow our artist community and help them in their mission of making a living as artists. The Halloween pack was assembled with passion and appreciation, and is a little token of gratitude from all of us. Thank you for your ongoing support, it means the world to us! But first, trick or treat?


Halloween is a time limited pack, which will disappear 👻 into the night on November 2! And here is a treat as sweet as 🎃 If you subscribe during this period, you are up for a special Halloween treat: a 25% discount on your monthly Lake subscription (*not just for the first month, but also every month after that). By subscribing to Lake you unlock all the content and financially support all Lake artists!

Now come, take a chilling ride with unique motives by Maja Säfström, Åsa Gilland, Walid Rusdianto, Linda Jäderberg, Viktoria Åström, Markus Oakley, Rachel Urquhart, Sam Moore, and Freya Kotchakorn.


Halloween stories

We are all about creeping it real, this time round even more so! There’s vampires, mummies, wizardry and zombie dogs, witches, skulls, you name it we got it! We were so inspired by the delivered artwork, we even did a background story for each of them 🤓 Read if you dare.

One dark and quiet evening Sam entered his kitchen and there were dogs floating in the air. Vampire dogs, wizardry dogs, zombie dogs, mummified dogs, dogs all over! The wizardry dog performed an intricate spell to invite it’s cousins to the Halloween party. The spell didn’t go as planned and the levitating happened. Fun! Just not for Sam, who’ll have to tidy the kitchen later.

Take a look into Rachel’s workshop, where you’ll find the ingredients to brew a wicked, slimey stew. All you need is a scorpion stinger, spider legs, a pinch of spider web, old witch’s tooth, an eye of a buried zombie, and a sprinkle of stardust. A wonderful opener to a creepy and gooey Halloween dinner.

Linda was called in as a school photographer and, boy, was she in for a surprise! She did not know at the time but once she printed those photos, she noticed something was off. The nine pupils who looked completely normal on the day of the photo session looked everything but ordinary on the pics! This group of classmates might give you the chills and rightfully so. They are descendants of the vampires, ghosts, and other creatures alike.

Walid opened his doors and a group of three friends was standing on the porch, all shouting “trick or treat!”. Although it was not Halloween yet, he gave them some candy. After all, they had great costumes on, elaborate, mechanical, crafty, it seemed like they just ran from a master alchemist’s laboratory. Most of all, they threatened to do mischief, so throwing candy in the air was his best response.

Markus was drawing while a large mummified giant passed by. The biggest mummy you would see, stiff, eerie, with piercing eyes. One would think a yeti is bound in those fresh, white, jagged bandages. Most likely it is an intimidating, enchanted giant that came from the ancient times just to join the 2017 Halloween party.

Freya’s friend is a charming northern witch. Her familiar is a loyal, fearsome, silky male cat that can hypnotise you to not move. She can make wild roses grow and could wrap you up in the blood-curdling, grim thorns if she wanted to. But she is a kind witch this year.

Maja found an antique pumpkin mirror and hung it in her house. The mirror comes to life at night, displaying the precarious adventures of the Catcus. Part cat, part cactus, 100% adorable and prickly. The Catcus was created from a cat’s dream, hating its majestic cuteness for it had to be hugged by humans constantly. So the cat asked the northern witch to make it impossible to hug and to give it a place where it could live in peace.

Viktoria is taking care of the vampire lord. He is in a wonderful, spellbound slumber until the day of the Halloween. Then he wakes up, hugs his teddy, and wanders around his spooky and beautiful pumpkin garden. Until he wakes up, the pumpkins grow and create the best atmosphere for a fun, spine-chilling Halloween party.

Åsa’s friends are preparing for the festivities. The bird monsieur wanted some haunting, nightmarish pumpkins to decorate his lawn with. His werewolf buddy took a large, possessed pumpkin from the vampire’s garden. Trying to sneak away, they need to be careful not to wake the vampire lord.

Did the stories bring you closer to the Halloween spirit? Why wait any longer, color the drawings and create your own story.

Witching you a very haunted Halloween! 👻🎃

P.S.: Oh, and one more scary thing… our next artist Linda Jäderberg will take you further down the eerie journey with her amazingly spooky and quirky drawings on October 19.