Milestone | 25. Nov, 2017 - 2 min read

The colorful world of Lake sparkles on the US App Stores’ Today tab ✨

A while ago we had a nice long chat with one of the App Store editors. She was keen to know our background story: why we decided to bring artists aboard in the way we did and how our unique business model came to be. She also reached out to a couple of Lake artists. Today you can find out what we’ve told her, as the article is right at the top of the Today tab on the new App Store.

The main topic of our discussion for “The Colorful World of Lake: Support artists around the world while you de-stress” was the importance of artists. From the beginning of our journey, illustrators, their art and their stories have been an essential part of the Lake experience. That Lake could represent a part of their monthly income sounded like such a rad idea to us! Enabling them to pursue their dream, along with spreading beauty to the world, helping people discover and support their art, while taking their mind of everyday stressness: all that sounded like a mission invented for us. Something we could bring to life. A goal we could accomplish. And now we can say we’re doing it!

We are honoured and proud that Apple, as such an enormous institution that deals with literally millions of various ideas brought to life, recognizes our distinctive purpose. It’s also encouraging to see that they appreciate the uniqueness of the artist community, which you, as a Lake user, can directly co-create with and reward right there within the app.

Thank you Apple for giving us a voice to tell our story and a platform to bring it to life!