Milestone | 30. Oct, 2018 - 1 min read

Lake hosting Artist Instagram Takeover

On Tuesday, October 30, we are starting the much-awaited Artist Instagram Takeover. In case you are not familiar with the term: an Instagram takeover happens when a brand invites a guest to temporarily take control of its Instagram account. In Lake’s case, it’s our artists who will be taking over @lakecoloring Instagram account! The takeover will happen once every two weeks and will last for a day. During that day the artist will open their door to us, and take us through their everyday. Expect some cool tips and tricks, peeks behind the scenes, a possible AMA session and whatever interesting they feel like sharing. If there is an artist you are especially fond of, follow our social media announcements and make sure not to miss them when it is their turn!

We are starting the journey today with Nina Stajner, one of the first artists to join Lake. Head over to our Instagram @lakecoloring profile and see what she is up to!